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Autoimmune disease

Can anyone help?

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Lou0820 · 03/01/2022 12:48

Hi All,
For exactly a year ago now I have been suffering from a persistent dry cough, around march till may last year i had red itchy bumps on my legs and i wheezed a lot. i had a CT scan in june that revealed a nodule of 6mm, had another CT scan two month after and the CT was clear now. Fast forward to now. i still suffer from a dry cough persistently, and now a new thing happened where i feel a weird sensation when i breath as if mucus is stuck in my chest, went to the doctor few days ago and she said its a lung infection crackle in my lung and prescribed anti biotics, it is day 4 and i still dont feel any change still hear the crackles and the dry cough.

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