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Autoimmune disease

Dexamethasone injections

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Justonedayatatime11 · 02/09/2021 14:19

Has anyone had these for flare ups? I had a hefty dose by injection last Thursday and had 6 days of feeling like a fully functioning human. Today I'm back to feeling totally broken. My GP is off sick indefinitely and can't speak to my rheumatologist. Not sure where to turn right now, but having had a brief spell of feeling amazing, I don't want to feel like this again Sad

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MossyBottom · 13/09/2021 21:41

I had it by IV drip when I was on chemo once a week. Can't remember the dose, 10mg?
It gave me 24 hours of feeling invincible and full of energy.
Steroids known for giving a feeling of well-being.

I now take prednisolone for RA. Recently in hospital for covid and was given dexamethasone 6mg a day for 10 days, then tapered.

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