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Autoimmune disease

Hypermobile and pseudo-autoimmune and anxiety

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Terrazzo · 30/07/2021 12:24


Right, I am just wondering if anyone knows anything about this because this is a big revelation I had this morning.

I finally had a rheum appointment at the hospital, my bloods are all fine so not thinking I really have any autoimmune issues (although going for a couple more tests).

Doc examined me and said I’m very hypermobile and he mentioned that that can trigger lots of autoimmune-like symptoms. Because your nerves are literally physically not-stable in your body and are I guess pretty sort of stressed ? I can’t remember what he called it, he mentioned the sympathetic nervous system, the perisympathetic nervous system and the …? A-something system? Autonomic nervous system? Does anyone know about that?

Google tells me that if you suffer from anxiety/panic attacks (I do) then you are pretty likely to also have hypermobility. So there is literally a physical reason for my anxiety. This has blown my mind basically. Quite validating.

Anyway I want to do more research into this but interested to hear if anyone here has experienced this before.


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