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Autoimmune disease

rheumatoid arthritis

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eiton · 08/07/2021 08:29

Hi. A couple of month ago i started getting pains un my joints, mainly feet, knees and hands. Swollen, painful in the morning and gets better as the day goes on. Awaiting results of bloods, taking forever. Here's the thing. Around maybe February of this year i got the contraceptive implant implanon and I have a gut feeling the two are connected. I have never before had and issues with arthritis and now suddenly I'm crippled. Now also my hips and shoulders are on fire. I've two small kids and this is making my life quite hard at the moment. Anyone had similar experience with implanon?

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YuliaNewport · 30/07/2021 23:17

I have

eiton · 31/07/2021 08:44

And? Did you take it out? Did it solve the issue? What did the doctors say?

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cantbecaught · 31/01/2024 17:25

This is a zombie thread but the exact same thing happened to me! If you ever see this come back for discussion!

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