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Autoimmune disease


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oneboy3girls · 13/02/2021 11:45

Does anyone have any experience of this? Being referred by GP. Realised I have had it for over 13 years. Pain horrific when I bang my toes .Starting in my fingertips too. Thanks.

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Onelittlepiglet · 13/02/2021 18:12

I didn’t want to leave you unanswered - I have morphoea which is a form of schleroderma, but not as severe. I get patches of thickened skin over my torso that look like large red bruise like patches. I’ve had it for nearly 7 years (triggered by my last pregnancy). They can be painful but are generally superficial rather than going down into the joints like schleroderma.

Has your GP or specialists suggested any treatments? There are things they can do to ease the pain. There are things that can help and make it easier.

I used steroid cream when mine was at its peak, bu I don’t use it any more as it has died down now and most of the skin has softened. I am covered in unsightly marks though. It’s good you have a diagnosis and I hope they can find a treatment plan that helps you.

oneboy3girls · 13/02/2021 18:28

Thankyou for answering .I am waiting to see specialist.GP keeps saying how sorry he is this is happening.I don't think it is in the joints yet as it only hurts if I bang it. Hoping I have it mild .Gp is about to retire and I am the first patient he has encountered .He is very pessimistic about it

OP posts:
Redannie118 · 28/02/2021 10:45

Hiya sorry i dont check thos board out a lot! Yes i have Scleroderma, diagnosed 6 years ago. Happy to answer any questions if you are still about :)

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