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Thyroid Switch

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Thecharlady38 · 06/02/2021 10:53

Could anyone give me their experiences with Underactive Thyroid weight gain? My numbers went back to normal a few weeks ago following a few months being Overactive (yey), and my weight went back to what it was pre Overactive Thyroid, but I’m becoming slightly paranoid about switching to Underactive. I put on a few pounds at Christmas like everyone does, went back to my usual 5-2 way of eating during January, but the weight is pretty static and I have put a pound on today (Saturday is my usual weighing day!). So I am trying to find out what to look for, the Endo had told me it’s possible for someone to switch from Over to Under, although a little rare. I’m wondering how quickly weight gain occurs when you tip into Underactive, should I look out for a pound a week or something more sudden? The only other thing that I’ve noticed is achy legs but only in bed at night, which of course could be something different. I realise it’s a tricky question as everyone is different, plus I am 54 this year so age may gradually have an impact on my weight!! Boo! Anyone’s early experiences would be really appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Ludo19 · 06/02/2021 22:35

I got a total thyroidectomy at 30 as it was overactive, lost loads of weight etc. Tried medication as a stop and block but it was continually over. After operation it took a lot to get the thyroxine dosage just right. I've found it increasingly difficult to maintain my weight as it increases easily but then It's been almost 15yrs since the operation. Can't really offer any advice other than that I'm afraid.

79andnotout · 07/02/2021 22:47

I've had ten years of over then underactive thyroid disease. My we

79andnotout · 07/02/2021 22:49

... weight has been in normal range the whole time (varying a few pounds only). Doesn't seem to have made much difference to me.

I feel it in brain fog and a fast/slow digestion if something is off.

Stinkywizzleteets · 07/02/2021 23:00

I used to switch hyper to hypo twice a year seasonally without fail until I had my first baby and I’ve been underactive ever since. My weight has crept up and it’s much harder to lose it. I was put on high doses of prednisolone for a very long time which apparently with hypo makes it near impossible to lose that weight gained and easier to keep putting it on,

Thecharlady38 · 08/02/2021 14:13

Thanks everyone for your replies, I’ll just have to monitor things over the next few weeks. My next check up blood test isn’t until April, but if the weight keeps going up inexplicably I could always ask for an earlier one. My fear is that I could always have the thyroid issues, as I understand there is a high chance of recurrence either over or under. My Mum has been under for a few years. I was quite lucky while overactive as I didn’t really have any symptoms other than weight loss. The fast heart rate & slight hand tremor at the very beginning of diagnosis seemed to be put right by the Propanolol I was put on for a few weeks. I’d prefer to be over than under though as obviously there is that chance of reversing it!

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