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Autoimmune disease

Under active thyroid? Something else?

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Qwenzo · 06/12/2020 11:32

Before I start I have had this checked by my GP a couple of years ago and they couldn’t find any issues. So it might very well be peri menopause! This year has been the worst year so far though.

I struggle with being cold all the time. I suffer badly from reynauds, so much so that I can’t write at work. It’s not being in the cold that sets it off, it’s actually being and feeling cold, which I am all of the time unless I’m under an electric blanket or exercising. Even many layers/plugging gaps etc doesn’t work.

I struggle with joint pain in elbows/knees/wrists/back.
I put on weight incredibly easily. I can easily put on a few lbs just eating a very few calories over, which means I’m always aware of how many calories I’m eating. My serum ferritin is always low (lowest 4) but I can’t take iron supplements as they give me stomach issues - GP won’t do an iron infusion and says there’s nothing she can suggest - I’ve had all the versions she’s willing to prescribe.

My mum and aunt both have/had autoimmune diseases.

I know the solution is to get it rechecked again but our Gp isn’t great at taking these issues seriously and I always feel like I’m a nuisance/making a fuss about nothing.

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