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Autoimmune disease

IBD and ulcers

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Mehbloodymeh · 05/12/2020 14:22

I've UC, very well controlled and currently on no medications. Ongoing issues with joints and proctal pain but otherwise maintained by ow up a few times a year.

I've been really sore down below to the point I wasn't sure where the pain was coming from and it transpires I have an outbreak of genital ulcers (Not HSV, I did go and get checked by GUM in the first instance because of where it is) Has anyone had anything similar and how long did it take to feel better?

I'm on topical steroids now. I'll get iron levels etc checked next week.
Other than some abdo pain and extreme tiredness I have not had any other symptoms.

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thebabessavedme · 08/12/2020 15:28

You poor thing, that sounds horrible, I have UC but have never had this problem, are you run down? I know it sounds daft but the change in the weather always makes me feel tired, sore and basically awful. The only thing that helps really is plenty of sleep. Hope you feel better soon.

Mehbloodymeh · 10/12/2020 00:41

Thank you for your reply. I definitely am run down. I have a mega stressful job which I am sure does not help. I'm just going to blame 2020. Feeling much better now though, thank you.

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