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Autoimmune disease

Managing a chronic health condition

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User258544 · 01/12/2020 07:28

I'm looking for recommendations for books, websites (and approaches?) for managing a chronic health condition. My learning style is through reading and looking for something a bit meatier that I can work through in the absence of counselling. Had a quick look on Amazon and they seem to either be aimed at health professionals delivering care or are written by people who have health conditions.

Any suggestions welcome, hopefully others will find it useful too.

OP posts:
housemdwaswrong · 04/12/2020 17:39

Many are condition based. I use the lupus encyclopedia for example, it's everything I need to know and more.

Lonecatwithkitten · 25/12/2020 11:44

If the condition falls into the 'arthritis' category which lots of autoimmune conditions do if they cause joint pain the arthritis society does excellent booklets for most conditions.

onemouseplace · 25/12/2020 11:54

Check out the charity website for a particular condition. I have IBD and I found the Crohns and Colitis help sheets invaluable when I was first diagnosed.

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