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Autoimmune disease

Procticis and skin issues

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Artyfarty555 · 28/08/2020 21:38

I was diagnosed with UC but procticis about 15 years ago, but fortunately have only had about 4 flare ups.
At the moment I'm suffering and l am back on Pentasa suppositories for 4 weeks but my eyelids are swollen, itchy and red...the side of my mouth is cracked and lower jaw is all itchy and raised with bumps...and don't mention the itch and soreness down below..
I take it these are all associated with UC ? Last time l suffered with mouth ulcers but not so much my face looking irritated.
Is there anything l can use on my eyelids.? I did ask at the pharmacy and he said cetraban...but it stings like crazy. I do have fucidin cream a hydrocortisone cream and Eumovate ointment that l must have been prescribed during another flare up? Would these help?
Don't want to use these if they will make it worse. Any help or advice gladly received...please xx
Or if you can suggest anything else to stop the rashes,inflammation and itching. Here's hoping.

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Petrarkanian · 15/09/2020 17:52

I use Lyonsleaf beauty balm, and sudocrem on my dermatitus.
You could also try a nappy cream by weleda, I found this helped with the irritation.

Hope that helps

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