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Autoimmune disease

Talk to me about your CT scans with Iodine?

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cultkid · 12/07/2020 16:15

Apparently mine will take an hour
I am soo anxious I really hate being in a CT scanner

Is it outrageous to ask GP to prescribe something ?

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cultkid · 12/07/2020 18:24

Shameless bump xx

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Costacoffeeplease · 12/07/2020 18:26

A CT scanner is much better than an MRI, what do you hate about it?

cultkid · 12/07/2020 18:26

I know it's less noisy I really hate how close it is to my face, I've had them before when I've been really really sick and I don't want to be in one again

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Ginfox · 12/07/2020 18:30

They give you an hour long appointment in case they have to squeeze in an emergency and make you wait. Unusual to be in CT for more than 20mins, even for more complex scans.

Ginfox · 12/07/2020 18:32

If you're really worried phone the department and someone will talk you through it. Can even go in for a dummy run before your real appointment if you need to.

PerspicaciaTick · 12/07/2020 18:38

I've had two this week, one on my pelvis and one on my neck and shoulders. Neither took more than about 15mins (probably less) and both used iodine.

cultkid · 12/07/2020 18:41

Oh I didn't know that's why they said 1 hour
I feel better about it for that
Do they make you stay for 3 hours then?

OP posts:
Costacoffeeplease · 12/07/2020 18:42

I don’t think of a ct scan as being ‘in’ it, it passes over you, or you go through it but it’s not enclosed, so I don’t mind them at all. The worst part for me is getting on and off the bed as I have major mobility issues

Sally7645 · 12/07/2020 18:54

Not teaching you to suck eggs, but just in case you've got them mixed up a ct scan is the donut shaped one which passes over you, MRI is the tunnel.

I've had several, also for AI issues, so longer than usual and never had a CT last longer than 25 mins... they'll give the hour slot as they are using iodine so need to do a cannula etc. I think it's iodine that feels a bit weird when it goes in- like a warm feeling that feels like you've wet yourself 😑 but passes quickly!

I've had 2 hour long MRI's before, I hated them at first but some scan centres have a little mirror they can position so you can see out the end. Weirdly comforting!

Thechase · 12/07/2020 19:00

I have had to have a couple, once they leave to let the scanner do it’s job they talkEd to me through the microphone to relax me. I had mine on my lungs so they would tell me to listen to the machine (would have to hold my breath for 10 seconds at intervals). The worst part was when I thought I had wet myself because I was due back at work after Confused

cultkid · 12/07/2020 19:41

Oh I've mixed it up with the MRI machine I feel like an idiot @Sally7645

Thanks for telling me it's not sucking eggs at all
It's the MRI that gives me the creeps

Really glad I've asked about this,

Can anyone let me know if the CT scan has helped them to narrow down any diagnoses for their AI xx

OP posts:
AstridAv · 12/07/2020 19:45

I had one yesterday.. the iodine makes you feel like you've wet yourself. They didn't warn me and I was humiliated for the remainder of the scan.
The scan itself was fine.

Mygoodlygodlingtons · 12/07/2020 20:48

I had one last year, and had an allergic reaction to the iodine. I had to have an injection of antihistamine, and wasn't allowed to drive home. I had to come back the next day to pick up my car.

It is very rare, but consider going with someone who can drive home just in case.

cultkid · 12/07/2020 21:44


How was the reaction did you get hives?

OP posts:
Mygoodlygodlingtons · 12/07/2020 21:47

Yes, red all over my face and torso and massively high blood pressure. I ended up in room with a blood pressure monitor and five doctors and nurses!

I've been told not to have CT with contrast again.

Juo · 12/07/2020 21:52

Ive had lots of CT scans. The actual scan takes only a few minutes.

iusedtoloveopalfruits1 · 12/07/2020 22:00

A reaction to the CT dye is rare and usually easily treated with an anti histamine if one does occur.
They will have told you it will take an hour because you’ll need to get changed and have a cannula inserted before the scan and possibly wait after the scan to have the cannula removed and to make sure your ok after having the contrast dye. Most of the actual scanning take no more than 10 minutes, one or two take about 30 minutes it depends on what your having the scan for.

cultkid · 13/07/2020 07:07

They are going to do my chest abdo and pelvis

I've been breaking out in the worst hives for months and months now I wonder if it will happen again when I have the iodine
Did the anti histamine sort it out? I've had anti histamines that have knocked me right out at hospital before

OP posts:
cultkid · 13/07/2020 07:07

I'll get a lift just incase

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