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Autoimmune disease

High risk coronavirus

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brightsideAH · 20/04/2020 12:29

Is anyone else having to shield with being high risk with coronavirus ? If so , how are you all coping. Sending loads of love during this horrible timeFlowers

OP posts:
Purpleorange1 · 20/04/2020 20:58

I'm struggling, I work full time and I'm used to walking a hell of a lot during the day. I love socialising and chatting to people. Being cooped up indoors is taking its toll on my mental health. I did ask work for laptop to wfh but unfortunately they don't have the means to accommodate me wfh. So I'm home with nothing to do. I keep having bouts of anxiety and get palpations to the point where I feel like I'm going to pass out. I absolutely hate it, even when lockdown is lifted I still can't return to normal 😔

BetsyJameson · 20/04/2020 21:02

Hi hope you are doing ok. My son has been shielding although only received a letter from the GP today. He is 13 so he sees the news and has been too scared to even go for a walk. I feel so bad for him even though he says he is fine and seems happy enough as he plays on line with his friends so chats to them all the time. Luckily we have a garden so he goes out and gets some fresh air and we play football! How are you coping?

BetsyJameson · 20/04/2020 21:08

Sorry @Purpleorange1 I hadn’t seen your message when I posted. It must be really hard when you are used to working full time. I worry about when the schools eventually go back, what will my son do, will he just have to stay at home indefinitely. It isn’t as bad while all his friends are off too but I know he will feel he is missing out if they all go back.

brightsideAH · 20/04/2020 21:40

Me and my son are currently shielding due to having a metabolic condition, we only received our letter today also but we’ve been shielding for the last 4 weeks so far. I know how you feel @Purpleorange1 I’m a carer so can’t
Work from home and I’m really missing work. Sending you my love I know it’s such a stressful time, I suffer with anxiety so the more time I have on my hands the worse it is..@betsyjameson my sons only 4 so it’s nursery he attends but I understand , my sons missing his friends and interacting with other children so much. It’s such a scary time

OP posts:
Flossie44 · 22/04/2020 00:00

My daughter (11) is shielding too. I also worry what happens when schools go back and she has to remain at home. She will miss out on moving up to secondary with her friends also probably. I know this is to keep her safe, and obviously that’s the most important thing. But it’s hard watching them sad. At this age they can’t see the bigger picture

CambsAlways · 09/05/2020 11:45

Yes I’m shielding have been for 7 weeks missing my walking so much, missing just going for a walk round the block, envious of ppl that can do this, I’m immuno compromised also have liver disease

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