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Autoimmune disease

High WBC

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Louise2490 · 16/04/2020 19:53

At 8+2 I had my routine bloods and urine and had a call to go back for another urine as my sample was contaminated. When I went back yesterday she said my white blood count was slightly high (maternity notes say WBC 42 per uL no significant bacterial growth obtained) and my midwife said they like it to be around 35.

Can anyone explain what these numbers mean?

I have a DD who’s 1 at the end of the month. When she was born I was given iron tablets and ended up on them for around 4 months off and on in total. I had bloods done in December to check my iron levels and the doctor said they were a little better and was happy for me to stop tablets but said my WBC was slightly high and to make another appointment for this June (so 6 months later) to have them checked again. I suffer with health anxiety and he said that if it was anything sinister such as lymphoma or anything my bloods would have picked up a lot more abnormalities.

Obviously since finding out yesterday my WBC was slightly high I’m driving myself mad with worry. I know it would be raised when fighting off infections but I don’t feel ill, I’m also concerned that my levels have been high since December.

I also have a BMI of 31 which puts me in the ‘obese’ range, I’m 12 stone 9 and 5”4 of that makes any difference.

I rang the midwife for a check on my results today but they hadn’t come back and the midwife on the phone told me not to worry and to just enjoy my pregnancy, better said than done 🙈

Can anyone shed any light on this please?

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