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So called "pain management" I can't take much more

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INeedToGetHealthy · 04/03/2020 15:58

Being deliberately vague due to anonymity on here but I have hypothyroidism and neuropathic pain among other issues.
I have been a long term user of co-codamol via my GP on prescription, which worked quite well for a fair few years but then the neuro shizz kicked in and made things a lot worse. Eventually I was put on slow release morphine instead of the codeine as well as pregabalin.
I was referred a couple of months ago to the pain management appointment where they got me to fill in some questionnaires that were basically asking me if I was depressed or not. As I am not depressed, I indicated they also asked me to rate my pain at certain times on a scale from 0-10. There was no reference as to how any one person would perceive pain, so I judged that 0 would be no pain and 10 would be so serious that I would pass out, like when I had gallstones or when my liver ruptured many years ago.
So obviously they have seen this and have not asked any questions about my answers and just deemed that the pain is just in my head and that I don't need any opiate based pain relief, just paracetamol (which I do take anyway) and psychiatric help. I'm an unpaid carer as I look after my adult disabled DS, which is what has caused the most toll on my physical health too.
I don't know where to go from here, as they don't seem interested in listening in what I have to say. I'm just a statistic of theirs in this "opioid crisis" that the world has suddenly gone mad about.
As not to drip feed, other treatments I have had are:
Facet joint injections, worked briefly and was pain free bliss.
Naproxen, irritated stomach. So had to stop.
TENS machine, agony on nerve pain.
Heat pads, good temporary relief
Biofreeze, good temporary relief
Capsaicin gel (on prescription) useless snake oil
Ibuprofen, minor relief
Hydrotherapy, good but difficult to access
Acupuncture, goof for relaxation but not for pain
Osteopathy, expensive in the long run

So here I am. I'm usually such a strong, positive woman but this has just worn me down so much and I'm not sure that I can bounce back this time.

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