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Autoimmune disease

HEs 6

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Hey15 · 02/03/2020 18:21

Hey everyone my son has chronic bilateral immediate uveitis, he’s been battling it for nearly a year, he’s on methotrexate and eye drops, still active... he’s also always had belly pains, weight lose, Diarrhoea

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Hey15 · 02/03/2020 18:23

He’s just and a upper and lower colonoscopy everything look ok but the doctor said the methotrexate could be helping his bowels to so I’m waiting for the biopsy to come back they still think he has a ibd, also, having joint pain and swelling ( waiting to see someone about arthritis)
Anyone with a uveitis child that has ibd or and arthritis thank you

OP posts:
ittakes2 · 22/03/2020 08:50

My children are hypermobile and one of their specialists said there is a link between hyper mobility and irritable bowel syndrome. Muscles don’t support the joints and muscles in the digestive tract not working as they should.

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