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Autoimmune disease

Suddenly getting Raynauds all the time and abnormal blood results

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patentpending · 27/11/2019 21:00

I'm mid 30's, had never experienced this until a couple of months ago and am now getting it multiple times a day even when it's not particularly cold (today have had it about 5 times including twice just from briefly opening the back door when it was around 10 degrees outside)

I know it can also be a result of stress but I don't think that's the case.

I am also getting joint pain, feel constantly tired and have had abnormal ANA and immunoglobulin tests so something is obviously up but I don't think I match the other symptons of Lupus or other autoimmune conditions.

I am waiting for an appointment with rheumatologist and know no one can diagnose me here just getting worried that the Raynauds seems to be getting worse every week.

Has anyone experienced this and got any sort of diagnosis?

OP posts:
TabbyStar · 27/11/2019 21:04

My mum got it and was diagnosed with thyroid problems. I used to get it a lot in my 30s and early 40s with nothing else but it seems to have got better in recent years.

Ciwirocks · 27/11/2019 21:07

I used to get this really bad until I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid. I don’t suffer with it at all now since I started thyroxine. That is an autoimmune condition as well so maybe it’s that? Have you had your thyroid levels checked?

choirmumoftwo · 27/11/2019 23:43

Have you thought about scleroderma? Raynauds is a common feature of this.

campion · 27/11/2019 23:51

You could have Lupus. The symptoms vary but joint pain and Raynauds are certainly two of them,tiredness too. But it could be something else obviously.
A decent rheumatologist will soon be able to diagnose/rule out Lupus so hope it's not too long a wait for you.

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