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Autoimmune disease

Autoimmune Diagnosis- Hashimotos

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HollyJoD · 16/10/2019 12:51

Hi all,
I really hope somebody can help me...I have been really unwell off and on for around 10 years now and have family history of underactive thyroid. I suffer all of the symptoms but my results come back "within range"- I know I am not the only one. Anyway I had a sever episode of Anaphylaxis a couple of months ago with no cause- I have had allergy tests done and I have none. Th private doctor suggested that I was autoimmune, which really didn't surprise me. I have had lots of tests done since and they all seem to point towards Hashimotos- however I have not had a diagnosis. I have had sacans on my thyroid and it is enlarged with nodules. My referral to endocrinology through the NHS has just been rejected as it is "irrelevant" apparently so I cannot get diagnosed. Does anybody know of a good private doctor that deals with autoimmune disorders, or better still Hashimotos? I would be so so grateful if anyone could recommend. I am so desperate to be pointed in the right direction, even if they cannot help me at least with a diagnosis I know where to start my research.

Really appreciate your help,


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RoseyOldCrow · 20/10/2019 15:29

So sorry you are feeling unwell & struggling with a diagnosis.

Have you looked at any Endo websites for guidance?
I've found the Pituitary Society very helpful, also Soc of Endocrinologists (I think) and Dr Annice Mukherjee (an amazing Endo in Salford) has a great one, too - use her name to find it.

(I have Hashimoto's so know something of what you are going through.)

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