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Autoimmune disease

CFS Professor Esther Crawley

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Traceg19 · 01/10/2019 13:18

Any mums out there with children with CFS, that have been treated at bath hospital? Professor Crawley? I have been advised to get the professor to come and see my daughter who is housebound we stay in Glasgow, just not sure as I have read conflicting stories thanks

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LRKR · 06/10/2019 15:57

I'd recommend reading up on her and deciding if she's the sort of person you want to have authority over your child. There are some decidedly mixed views about her, and some serious problems with research she has been involved with. It looks like she is well connected to people in the UK Establishment and media, but TEDx had to remove a video of hers where she was claiming to be unfairly persecuted by patients because of misleading claims in it.

Traceg19 · 06/10/2019 18:45

Thank you for your reply I will look into this

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JumpingFrogs · 31/10/2019 09:31

DD was treated by her 6 years ago. She wasn't housebound but missing a lot of school and really struggling. The programme she put her on worked like a dream. Tangible results after just a few weeks. But it's a very simple programme, and the most high tech thing they ever did at our visits was to weigh her (150 mile round trip). I know there's been controversy about Esther Crawley, but obviously I'm a fan because her programme worked for us. Good luck, I really hope you start to see some improvement in your daughter's condition soon.

kiloh · 04/04/2023 16:10

Hi I know this was posted a long time ago but I’ve found myself in a similar quandary and wondered how you got on?

Traceg19 · 04/04/2023 19:36

Hi I’m so sorry you are in similar situation, I didn’t get her my gut was telling me something wasn’t right and I’m glad I followed that feeling, I ended up having to go private for my daughter and her Doctor is Amolak Bansal, well worth the money he has helped so much, he’s from spires hospital, really wish you and your child well

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