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Autoimmune disease

Endocrinologist referral

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Thingsthatgo · 26/07/2019 13:16

Those of you who have had a referral, How long did it take before you heard from the specialist /got a letter? And how long after that was your appointment?
My GP said she’d refer me, but I haven’t heard anything yet. I just wondered how’s long to expect.
Thank you 😊

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rougebuterfly · 26/07/2019 14:28

Mine took 2 weeks for the apt date to come through and my apt is at the end of August

rougebuterfly · 26/07/2019 14:34

When my GP did the referral she printed out a separate letter for me to keep with a reference code etc on it so if it took longer than 2 weeks I could ring up and chase them.

AyahuascaTrip · 26/07/2019 17:52

I think it was two or four weeks? Started some drugs right away (anti-thyroid and propranolol) had a scan and some more blood tests then the endocrinologist went over the results.

Thingsthatgo · 27/07/2019 07:58

Thank you all for your replies. It’s been nearly two weeks since my appointment. So I’ll wait for another week or so, and then follow up.

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