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Autoimmune disease


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OverInfestedBadger · 25/07/2019 21:56

Can anyone help me work our what’s going on? I had been referred to the endocrinologist but the appointment has been cancelled and sent back to the gp.
In early June I had lowish free T4 (11.2) and normal range TSH (0.73).
We retested early July and free T4 is now 10.2 and TSH 0.96.
I will obviously speak to the GP again but she seemed a bit unsure hence the referral.
I have strange weight gain, tiredness, poor memory, anxiety, heavy sometime irregular periods, dry skin and hair etc.

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OverInfestedBadger · 26/07/2019 07:34

Sorry the reference ranges are for TSH 0.3-4.2 and T4 12-22

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ditavonteesed · 26/07/2019 08:00

The t4 is very low but your Tsh is not high, I am very new to this (only diagnosed 6 weeks ago with hypothyroid). Quick google gave me this. Sounds like your symptomatic of hypothyroid. Have they suggested starting any medication?

OverInfestedBadger · 26/07/2019 08:44

The doctor just referred straight to specialist. But now it has been referred back who knows? I am calling them today

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LadyGAgain · 26/07/2019 12:02

Definitely sounds hypo (takes one to know one!) and I'd be asking about T3 as well as T4 replacements.

OverInfestedBadger · 26/07/2019 13:24

Thanks Lady (and dita). Do GPs diagnose and medicate or will I have to see a specialist?

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ditavonteesed · 26/07/2019 15:44

My gp diagnosed, I started thyroxine 6 weeks ago and it has been life changing, I'm back to the person I was probably 15 years ago. I hadn't realised quite how awful I felt. Good luck

OverInfestedBadger · 28/07/2019 14:35

Thanks Dita, I am keen to get started on treatment if needed. I was hoping for a dr callback on Friday but didn’t get one. Fingers crossed for this week

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GlamGiraffe · 28/07/2019 14:39

Many gps woll do a trial on levothyroxine and retest as it's the same as the specialist does. As your apt has been cancelled you could return to gp and ask about this.

OverInfestedBadger · 02/08/2019 22:05

Pushed gp and have got 50mcg to start tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed!

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Teddybear45 · 02/08/2019 22:11

Your T4 is low but your TSH is normal. This suggests secondary hypothyroidism due to a pituary cause / tumour rather than anything to do with your thyroid. Most pituary tumours are benign but perhaps your appointment has been cancelled to investigate this as a possible cause. Suggest calling the hospital / consultant back asp as taking thyroxine can sometimes make things worse.

OverInfestedBadger · 02/08/2019 22:57

This is worrying, the gp has been a bit clueless, but she said that it had been cancelled in error and it has been re-referred and I have an appt mid-October.

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LittleCandle · 02/08/2019 23:09

GPs are totally clueless about the thyroid and in my very limited experience of endocrinologists (only seen 2 in 23 years!) they are very little better. Bugger what your symptoms say - there's always another reason for your symptoms. I am in my 50s and now everything is down to the menopause. Pester, pester, pester is the only way to get results.

Miggs2019 · 03/08/2019 23:31

Hi I have had Hashimotos for 8 years now and I can not recommend joining HealthUnlocked enough. There is a particular group for people with thyroid issues. It sounds like you have a T4 to T3 conversion problem but people in that group will be more precise than me. There are many knowledgeable people on there. Good luck!

LadyGAgain · 09/08/2019 23:01

Hi @Miggs2019 - what is health unlocked and how do I join? Thanks!

Miggs2019 · 09/08/2019 23:23

Hiya, it's platform for various forums for different heath conditions. You just find yours from the long list.
you can get an app which is easier to use. Good luck!

LadyGAgain · 10/08/2019 07:11


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