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Autoimmune disease

Coeliac Rash Anyone?

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Didthatreallyhappen2 · 30/06/2019 09:37

I've recently had an awful rash on my elbows - both sides in exactly the same place. Desperately itchy for a week, spread about 3 inches and has left scars. And now I've got one on my knees!

I know coeliac rash (not the official name I know) exists, but have never had it before. From reading on Dr Google (something I rarely do) it seems that this is what it might be. But I can't find out whether this means that I was gluton-ed - which caused the rash, or simply that it was a culmination of being gluten free. For the record I'm coeliac and have been gf for about a year now. I didn't knowingly eat anything containing gluten, but as I am asymptomatic (or have been until now), I wouldn't necessarily know. Thank you.

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Lea99 · 19/08/2019 05:41

Hi new to site, and I have just bin told I have celiac disease, I get no pain or the symptoms only because my iron levels were very low, I know I am still eating gluten food, cut out most of what should. It’s so hard. Any tips or advice please.

Tanaqui · 19/08/2019 05:47

I am sorry I don't know about coeliac rash, but there is a section on the site for allergies that might be more helpful for you both! Lea, it is really hard at first- there are lots of gf things like rice, potatoes, baked beans- but it can be easier to stick to the free from section for a little while while you get used to it.

Tanaqui · 19/08/2019 05:49
dellacucina · 19/08/2019 06:01

My mother has developed this over the past year following a period of extreme stress. She does not have any other symptoms (and I suppose it's not actually confirmed celiac disease). She ONLY gets the rash if she eats gluten.

She has researched it a lot and her understanding is that this is a certain type of celiac disease. I happen to know a fair amount about celiac disease and I do not believe it is something that happens in every case.

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