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Autoimmune disease

Critical illness cover- successful claim

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FieryBiscuits14 · 09/06/2019 18:24

Can I ask how many of you have been successful in claiming under CI cover and was it an easy process? Thanks

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Violetroselily · 14/06/2019 23:24

I used to be a CI claims assessor.

What illness are you claiming for? Your insurer will seek evidence from your specialists that you have a diagnosis of an illness that is covered by your policy, and the diagnosis fulfils the definition of that illness.

Depending on the condition being claimed for, and how long you have had the policy, they may also seek information regarding your medical history from your GP to ensure that correct disclosures were made on the application form.

The process will likely involve a claim form being filled out either on paper or by telephone which will ask details of your diagnosis, treatment etc.

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