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Autoimmune disease

Anaemia of Chronic Disease/Inflammation

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Lilythepink3 · 06/03/2019 16:51

Hi, does anyone have any experience of anaemia of inflammation? I have been ill for the last few weeks, dizzy, lightheaded, achey legs, nausea, no energy at all. I did have costochondritis for 2 weeks before this all started. In my initial FBC my ferritin level came back high at 442 so I had it re-done along with iron studies.

Results back:

Serum iron 30.8
TIBC 1.46 (under normal levels)
Trans Sat Index 83%
Ferritin 532 - last Thursday it was only 442

Can anybody help, I'm really scared. Could costochondritis cause this?

Thank you

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NeurotrashWarrior · 06/03/2019 21:33

I'm not sure but have you been checked for heamachromatosis?

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