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Autoimmune disease

Autoimmune blood tests - do they take longer?

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MrsKCastle · 14/02/2019 21:00

I had some blood tests done three weeks ago, specifically an 'Autoimmune profile' including intrinsic factor and gastric parietal cells. Today the GP receptionist did me a print out. The results of the other tests I had were on there but it says 'Not reviewed' next to the autoimmune ones. Confused
So... Does this mean the tests weren't done for some reason? Or they haven't finished them yet (but surely after 3 weeks they should be done?) I won't be seeing the GP for another couple of weeks and have been hoping to get some answers but clearly not. Does anyone have an idea why it has come back with this?

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Jbck · 14/02/2019 21:08

My surgery it would mean the GP hadnt reviewed them yet but would still share the readings.

Any tests I’ve had, hypothyroid regularly and some you mention more recently haven’t taken particularly long, a week at most.

CaitlinsYellowSocks · 14/02/2019 21:11

Yes - I've had multiple blood tests over the last few weeks and the auto-immune ones are the only ones which still haven't come back. The doctor said they typically took longer (not sure why but, at least at my hospital, I think they have to send them to a different lab for processing).

MrsKCastle · 14/02/2019 21:14

Thank you both. I guess I'll ask again in another week or so.

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MrsMWA · 15/02/2019 06:30

They definitely do take longer, I rang up and was told my blood tests were fine, just vitamin D deficiency. Then went back to the surgery as my symptoms got much worse to be told I had aggressive RA. The tests hadn’t been back yet when the receptionist checked and no one had thought to tell me. Good luck OP hope it’s good news.

Stopyourhavering64 · 15/02/2019 09:58

In some instances, specific blood tests have to be sent to other specialist labs for processing if your local hospital doesn't have a large lab ..and these tests can take several weeks to process

MrsKCastle · 15/02/2019 21:11

Thanks again for the responses. When the GP ordered the tests, he said to book an appointment for a month's time. I assumed that was to see how the symptoms go, but maybe it was to allow time for the results as well.

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Namechange170518 · 15/02/2019 21:19

I work in a lab. At our place we do a GPA in a batch about once a week and if it's positive we send it away for a intrinsic factor. We normally say to allow two weeks from the day we send it to the other lab. A lot of hospitals send tests away as it makes more financial sense rather than investing in the equipment needed for specialist tests.

MrsKCastle · 15/02/2019 22:00

Thanks Namechange. It sounds as though it could quite easily take over three weeks from bloods taken to results back to patient then. hopefully the results will be in soon. It doesn't help that the GP surgery themselves are rubbish with communication and I have to chase eveultiiple multiple times!

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