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Humira for Psoriasis during pregnancy

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Nikki868 · 14/02/2019 15:00

I am just hoping to get some advice or personal accounts from people who have been using Humira for Psoriasis and who are pregnant.
I have suffered from severe Psoriasis for 28 years (since I was 4) I had tried every medication going and at my worst point 3 years ago it was everywhere. My dermatologist decided to put me on Humira because I cant have light treatment due to the tablets I take for my kidney disease(although I do not take these now I am pregnant).

I have had 3 years of successful treatment and my skin in completely clear but i've just found out i'm 6 weeks pregnant and have looked at the limited studies online and am worrying about fetal development and malformations that could be caused by taking this injection, and selfishly i'm terrified that if I have to stop taking it that I am going to flare up and feel that awful pain and uncomfortable in my own skin for the next 7 and a half months.
I got to the point 3 years ago where I was in so much pain I wanted to die so I don't want those feelings back.
If anyone has any experience of humira during pregnancy then I'd really appreciate reading about it.

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mynameiscalypso · 14/02/2019 15:06

I'm on humira too and I'm 13 weeks pregnant. Lots of people stay in humira the whole way through, I've decided to come off at the end of the second trimester and see what happens. If skin/joints flare up, I'll go back on it. I discussed with my rheumatologist and although they can never say that anything is 100% safe because it's unethical to test them on pregnant women, he said there's very little risk. In fact, humira is often prescribed (more in the US than UK) in cases of recurrent miscarriage to prevent the body's immune system from rejecting the embryo. On that basis, I was more than happy to keep using it. Additional, we had a failed IVF cycle last year and the clinic were fine for me to stay on it. I hope that helps reassure you!

Nikki868 · 14/02/2019 15:20

Thank you for your response. That has really reassured me, I just have to wait for my dermatologist to get in touch now and hope they agree that I can stay on it.

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