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Autoimmune disease

Newbie coeliac - please help!

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BCBG · 14/01/2019 14:48

I got diagnosed three and a half weeks ago and went GF immediately (was used to concept as mother and niece both coeliac). I didn’t have gastric symptoms before diagnosis or so I thought, although it transpires that I have both a hiatus hernia and also a small amount of Barratt’s oesophagus due to reflux. My problem is that SINCE cutting out gluten I have had wind, gripes and acidity etc from time to time more than I ever would have had when eating gluten? Has anyone else experienced this kind of adjustment? I am very allergic to quinoa so have taken great care to make sure that it’s not included in any of the breads I buy, but I do think the breads are not helping. Wondered if it could be xanthan gum or something like that. I have been avoiding gf oats as well at this stage. Fibre intake seems ok, it’s just the wind. My non gf diet was otherwise the same as now - lots of vegetables and lean protein - so I’m sure it’s something I’m eating now just don’t know if it is to be expected at first. Thanks for any ideas!

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MollyHuaCha · 14/01/2019 22:50

It could be the GF bread. Try cutting it out to see if it helps. Good luck. Smile

TalbotAMan · 15/01/2019 09:40

I agree with MollyHuaCha.

GF bread is a strange concoction, and different makers have different formulations and recipes. Stick to other things for now and see if your symptoms resolve. If they do, then try reintroducing GF bread slowly. If they don't, you probably need to see your GP.

I'd even suggest that you avoid foods that are labelled GF, since these tend to be versions of things that would normally contain gluten and have been made to imitate the GF original. Eat things that are inherently gluten free, such as meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, cheese and yoghurt.

BCBG · 15/01/2019 15:55

Thanks. I'm pretty sure its the bread too, or at least the seeded versions.

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MichaelMumsnet · 31/01/2019 12:23

Hi all,
Just dropping by to let you know that following some feedback from MNers, we've moved this thread from the Allergies and intolerances section to its new home, here in the Autoimmune disease area

BCBG · 02/02/2019 09:48

Thanks Michaelmumsnet

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