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Autoimmune disease

Azathioprine side effects

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endofthelinefinally · 12/07/2018 12:31

Anybody on this and suffering from really loose stools?

I am due for a dose increase but currently my food seems to be going straight through me.

Would appreciate any advice.

OP posts:
MollyHuaCha · 15/07/2018 16:21

Poor you. I've taken this medicine at various doses for a long time and have not had this effect.

How much are you taking?

Is it possible the loose stools are not a side effect of the azathioprine, but a symptom of your autoimmune vindication?

endofthelinefinally · 15/07/2018 16:24

50mg daily atm but due to go up to 100mg after the next lot of blood tests.
I will mention it to my consultant and see what they say.
It is just a bit tricky if I want to go out anywhere.
Thank you for responding.

OP posts:
MollyHuaCha · 15/07/2018 23:09

It's not a particularly high dose. But I think it's normal to go from 50 to 75 for a while before moving from 75 to 100, just to ensure you are tolerating the medicine.

I'm not a Dr by the way, just a patient!

Hope you feel better soon.Thanks

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