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Autoimmune disease

Exercise and Hashimoto Disease

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BlackNails · 22/02/2018 07:32

Last time I was running (when the Hashi was undiagnosed) I ended up with hypothyroid, depression and a very slow heart rate. Now diagnosed, medicated, depression over and cardio all clear, I want to start running again but am concerned about doing too much/putting too much strain on what is left of my thyroid.
I've read very mixed stuff on whether it is possible to get back into distance running with Hashi - 1/2 and marathon distance.
Anyone on here successfully running, and if so any tips for keeping it healthy?

OP posts:
RollTopBath · 22/02/2018 10:47

Of course you can run with hypothyroidism. The levothyroxine replaces the underproduction by the thyroid. You are, in effect, back to normal. There is no strain on your thyroid.
I don’t run anymore but still,walk long distances and swim but I certainly ran when I was younger.
You don’t need to do anything differently because of the hypothyroidism.

awaynboilyurheid · 25/02/2018 18:07

Back to normal with levo? not for all of us! especially as hashis is an auto immune condition, it's very up and down obviously exercise is a good thing but no tablet can ever make you back to "normal" ' its not the same as getting energy from your own thyroid gland its a synthetic product which can be affected by stomach issues meaning absorption may not fully occur for a variety of reasons. However I still try to exercise as many do, so good luck op but be realistic that there will be some exhausted days when resting is best but hopefully they will not be often and you can inspire us all, that would be great!

PrimalLass · 25/02/2018 18:12

The levothyroxine replaces the underproduction by the thyroid. You are, in effect, back to normal.

I wish that was true. I feel better on NDT, but levi did nothing for me.

But OP, you should be able to run as long as you have the energy.

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