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Autoimmune disease

Does this sound like autoimmune symptoms?

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Humphreyhippo · 28/11/2017 08:03

Went to GP last week with a whole raft of symptoms: lightheadedness, joint pain and stiffness, urinary urgency, heartburn, twitchy eyes (!). He ordered blood tests which have come back abnormal for rheumatoid factor and show an abnormal liver function. Yesterday I had more liver tests and have a review appointment with the GP next Monday. He mentioned autoimmune conditions at my first appointment. I know it’s not possible to diagnose me, but do these sound like familiar symptoms and results?

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Humphreyhippo · 28/11/2017 08:04

Title should read ‘Do these sound....’ For goodness sake - can I add ‘brain fog’ to the list?

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