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Autoimmune disease


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Yamyam27 · 18/11/2017 05:32

I’m currently being tested for rheumatoid????? I’ve been referred to the hospital I got my appt MARCH 2nd. So I’m just wondering what is it I know it’s an auto immune disease but there are different types or is it arthritis??? It’s so confusing docs haven’t really elaborated on it too much just running tests. I have pain in all my joints especially back and knees my hands and feet hurt too. So my question

What is it exactly and what do you get medication wise to help with the pain?

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macaronip1e · 19/11/2017 08:49

Rheumatoid arthiris is an autoimmune form of arthritis - basically a heightened inflammatory response in your body affecting your joints. This website is fairly helpful in explaining different treatments

Have you been given any pain relief in the meantime? An over the counter nonsteroidal anti inflammatory may help - eg ibuprofen; or you could ask your gp to prescribe something if the pain is very bad - I was given naproxen (similar to ibuprofen, but particularly effective in joints) when I first went to the dr with joint symptoms

Yamyam27 · 19/11/2017 14:18

I have naproxen but it doesn’t help to be honest I have an appt at rheumatology department at the hospital in March and thank you 😊

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