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Autoimmune disease

Auto immune Hepatitis

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Cariadjw · 11/11/2017 00:05

Hi all ...have recently started blogging about my life with Breast Cancer & daughter with AIH be fab if you could follow and have a read :)))
Doing #50 things in my 50th year đź’‹ Thank you x

OP posts:
suepowell · 25/11/2017 17:52

By autoimmune hepatitis, do you mean, your immune system becoming hyperactive and it affects liver? If so, turning to complete alkaline diet devoid of oil and taking yogurt would help I think :)

Cariadjw · 25/11/2017 19:37

Different things work for different people . I wish it could be diet controlled.. . this is medication controlled has to be due to daughter being so poorly .. under top liver consultant in U.K. if not taken liver will fail very quickly :( x

OP posts:
AuldHeathen · 26/11/2017 20:30

Yeah, l’ve got something like AIH too. It does take a bit more than eating more yoghurt. Smile Oral steroids and immunosuppressants are the standard treatment - as with most autoimmune conditions. Usually medication for life, or until a liver transplant becomes necessary. It’s a shit diagnosis especially because nobody’s heard of it, then people keep offering unsolicited advice. Wink Having it as a child/teenager is a really shit gig. Mine didn’t happen till l was in my 30s which was difficult enough. OP, l hope you’re all okay. suepowell, if you want to know more there’s loads of info on the interweb. My particular variant gets much less mention though as it’s rarer. Sad

Juanflewover · 07/01/2018 19:22

Hi OP, I have AIH, was diagnosed when I was 19. Have had a read of some of your blog posts and sent it to my mom - I think a lot of the stuff will resonate with her. Hope you're all having a good new year.

I'm with AuldHeathen and will stick to the 'roids and immunosuppressants rather than the yoghurt Grin

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