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Autoimmune disease

Thyroid ultrasound

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mumof06darlings · 07/10/2017 21:09

Hi, I went for a thyroid ultrasound 9 months ago and they found I have a multinodular goitre. The largest nodule was 7mm so the dr wasn't concerned. However, I'm feeling worse in my throat like it's blocked.

What I would like to know is, can a lot have changed in 9 months.

Sometimes I don't know if I'm imagining the blocked feeling as I'm worried I think the dr will think I'm a hypochondriac 😪

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mumof06darlings · 07/10/2017 21:11

Mayby I should add I have been on eltroxin 50-- for nearly 3 years now and bloods seem to be stable

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Ninjakittysmells · 07/10/2017 21:23

I’m not sure about the drugs side of things, but I have a large goitre on my thyroid. I first had an ultrasound when I was pregnant, and then was rescanned 3 years later and it had grown considerably so I needed a biopsy. I know the reason they were concerned about mine was it’s fast growth as I think they are typically very slow

They were brilliant with me and said as soon as I felt discomfort / had any issues to go back and they would remove it but until then to just leave it be. I had some difficulty swallowing soon after this because I was so aware of it, but as soon as I forget about it I have no problems!

mumof06darlings · 07/10/2017 21:30

Thanks a mill for that. I think that's a part of the problem with me is that I'm aware of it, so I'm not sure If I'm making more of a mountain over it then because of that. It's feeling very troublesome today but I might have s bit of phlegm so that's adding to it. Thanks a mill for your reply.

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