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Puzzled by thyroid results

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tackytriceratops · 31/07/2017 10:18


I have had some issues getting levels right in the last few years, oddly being on too much being the main issue.

I was pretty stable at 0.4 tsh for a while.

I became pregnant earlier this year and upped my dose. However I became over replaced. The pregnancy ended at 8 weeks. (Not sure if I became over replaced as it was ending or the other way round)

I recently became pregnant again and saw gp for a baseline test. I'd forgotten to take the tablets the morning before so took in the evening and then the next morning - I didn't expect a test that day and of course it was too high. I mc two days later (so early couldn't really call it pregnant) I dropped a tiny bit (I'd been taking x2 25 extra a week).

Latest test is still quite high - 0.2 and t4 is 20.9 (0.3-4.7 and 9.5 - 21. 5) and this was doing my usual taking the thyroxine AFTER the test.

Gp seemed to have cleared it. However I feel if I'd taken the thyroxine in the morning before the test it would have been higher and it wouldn't have been cleared.

I'm in this grey zone of not wanting to drop due to not wanting to be hypo and not wanting to be over replaced.

The only difference I think is that I've been taking ubiquinol for several months and I've really cut out milk to get my iron up (which is Magic for me).

Probably over worrying - I don't want to be over replaced as we are ttc.

I guess though I can wait a good 5 or weeks to raise the thyroxine.

(So as not to drip feed, I Had a nightmare trying to get the levels right with my son as the brand was faulty. Raised it 4 times by 12 weeks and I was still underactive till brand was switched. Brand later withdrawn. I feel like I'm going the other way this time Sad)

The thing is I'd say I feel mostly great though some aches sometimes.

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