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Autoimmune disease

Thyroid & pcos metformin weight loss

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pawpatrolfan · 21/07/2017 15:30

I've been diagnosed as coeliac, had thyroid issues after bad 2ns pregnancy in 2012 and now had boood test with high testosterone & glucose just under diabetes ranking

I'm 33 and 14s2, cannot shift weight. Seeing a private consultant and hoping family history of PCOS (sister and 5 cousins) will mean I get put on metformin

Tsh is 1.7 but tbh even when it's under 1 never shifts the weight

Anyone else here started on metformin and managed to lose weight?

I'm early 30s just terrified this is it for long term poor health

OP posts:
Gettingonwithit1 · 21/07/2017 18:20

You should have a full check up and test full thyroid panel (Inc. ft4 and ft3 and antibodies for autoimmune hashimotos) plus vitamins as pre - diagnosis your body won't be absorbing nutrition well. Iron, B12 and other nutritional indicators are likely to be low. Is your GP helping you? You need to get to underlying cause and assess any other symptoms really.

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