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Mother's Day

13 replies

echt · 13/05/2023 08:50

How is it gearing up for you?
I was in Fitzroy today and it was cake city. Coming from the UK, where the emphasis isn't the same, I was amused to note how many restaurants will charge cakeage for those who bring their own to a MD lunch/afternoon tea.

OP posts:

Hoistupthemainsail · 13/05/2023 10:00

I just tried to have some of the fruit in the fridges and was yelled at to get out of the fridge, so am hoping that means I have waffles and fruit for my breakfast (my fave!). I also know I'm getting a running watch as I had to transfer the money to the kids (14 and 15!).


Hoistupthemainsail · 13/05/2023 10:01

(I was after a watch anyway, we aren't usually that extravagant with presents! Just the usual Aldi chocolates and flowers which I love!)


Dustyblue · 14/05/2023 04:57

DH had to work, I'm taking DS6 clothes shopping. Same old same old!


workworkworkugh · 14/05/2023 06:06

I have my kids cold that they had last week. I spent the day at footy. Haven't seen my eldest yet (it's 3pm and he lives in the same house) and the others barely acknowledged it.
DH who is usually quite considerate is being not as considerate today, so just another day.
I don't even want anything, just a hug from my kids and maybe some appreciation but 🤷🏻‍♀️


Bankholidayboredom23 · 14/05/2023 06:49

Going to call my mum in Aus shortly when the kids wake up. I bought mother's day cards in the UK and left them with dad on a recent visit. Dad will take her for a meal during the week, they said mother's day service is too slow and not worth it!


NandorsFamilar · 14/05/2023 07:19

I avoid going out to eat- last time we did it (at bloody pancake parlour!) it took 2 hours to get our food and we had to pay a 20pct surcharge.
This was about 6 years ago but it scarred me too much.
We went out for lunch yesterday and it was nice and relaxed


groovergirl · 14/05/2023 09:31

It's been sunny in Melbs, with gorgeous autumnal trees, so we went for a Gilmore Girls theme and a picnic in the park. (No way am I paying a bloody surcharge!) DD graciously walked 10km with me, confirming once again that she is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Just waiting now to pounce on marked-down chrysanthemum pots in the supermarket, heh heh.

@workworkworkugh I hope your day improved. 🌺


spottygymbag · 14/05/2023 10:19

Coffee, and toast in bed with presents from the kids (assisted by DH as they're only 3 and 6). Lovely drawings and cards too.

I went for a run over the bridge and around the waterfront while he looked after the kids and cleaned the house. Afternoon tea in a cafe and a walk to finish the day.

Probably one of the best we've had and it was very much needed after a horrendous year. Felt like a reset and was actually enjoyed by everyone with minimal cost and no pressure.


UnadulteratedCat · 14/05/2023 10:23

I had a good day. Chilled. DH cooked breakfast and dinner. Kids did cleaning. We don’t go out and why would you have a cake on Mother’s day?


Flatandhappy · 15/05/2023 03:54

I am in Canada at the moment and it is so strange as I left Aus on Saturday night and when I arrived in Canada it was Saturday afternoon so it is still Mothers Day now in Canada (and they celebrate the same day) but I have just spoken to DD and of course it is now Monday lunchtime in Sydney 😂 I had a present to open before I left and cards to open this morning so I feel like I have double dipped.


echt · 16/05/2023 10:00

I thought it was just me noticing the surcharge!!! The cafe I went also would not split bills. It wasn't even actually Mother's Day.

Looking at you, Sir Charles.

OP posts:

CallItLoneliness · 18/05/2023 04:36

Not splitting bills seems to be a new thing. It's not ideal when meeting with a group for work lunch, I have to tell you!


groovergirl · 21/05/2023 15:29

The surcharge seems to be turning into a regular weekend thing all over the place, @echt. It used to just be public holidays. Pity about Sir Charles, because their menu looks really good!
It might be to do with staff shortages. I was in the Dandenongs the other weekend and noticed several shops and cafes that couldn't open because they didn't have the staff.

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