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Fetal MRI & Brain Cysts

HereWeGoAgain2DD · 05/10/2019 09:37


I am 24 weeks pregnant with DD2. At our 12 week scan we were told there was an abnormality with baby’s brain which seemed to clear at 16 weeks.
Unfortunately during our 20 week scan it was found that baby has a cyst of some sort in her posterior fossa. The consultants at Queen Charlottes seem confident that the baby has an arachnoid cyst and I will need an MRI to confirm it is this and not something more destructive.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and what the outcome was for their baby? Did baby need to be born early? Were you able to have a natural birth? What kind of monitoring happened for the rest of the pregnancy?

Also what can I expect from the MRI? Will I get some indication on the day or do I have to wait until the consultant appointment a couple of weeks after?

Sorry for all the questions I really dont know what to expect and wont be seeing the paediatric neurologist for another 2/3 weeks.

Thanks Flowers

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Littlebelina · 07/10/2019 13:17

I don't have any experience of brain cysts but dd1 had a complex chd and we had an MRI for that. In our case it was part of a research study so we did see a junior doctor (and researcher) on the day who showed us images but didn't get any further information until we saw the consultant at our next appointment. It was a bit different to your situation as we had a fairly clear diagnosis already so the MRI just confirmed and helped with their studies. I suspect you'll just deal with the MRI technician on the day and get results when you see your consultant as think that is usually how it works.

Is the MRI at your local hospital or do you have to travel. If you've not had one before they can be a little uncomfortable as you have to lie still and are surprisingly loud. They played music of my choice over my head phones and the technician checked I was ok every so often. Go with an empty bladder! If you can ask to see the images of your baby as they are amazing.

Sorry I can't be more help but hopefully this will bump the thread for you.

Good luckFlowers

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