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Mums of twins- anyone have a high free beta HCG reading at NT scan

cheesecakeandchocplease · 01/10/2019 17:12

Hi everyone,

I have had my NT and combined test done privately last week where twin babies looked well and were measuring 13 weeks. My blood tests are back today and have given a 1 in 170 risk of down syndrome and very low risks (in 1000s) of Trisomy 13 and 18.
Although down syndrome is within normal range and not classed as higher risk (I will be 38 at time of birth) which although is in normal range has made me feel a bit uneasy as it is so close to the cut off of 1 in 150. I have been googling (probably unwise!) and the HCG levels look alarmingly high.

My results were as follows
NT measurement (in both) 1.5
PAPP-A - 1.4
HCG - 4.2

I do have a scan and appointment with consultant on Friday so no point in getting anything else privately done as this appointment is so close BUT I am looking for any signs of reassurance. I have read that twins can skew HCG levels - has anyone else had results like this at the NT scan?

Many thanks in advance!

Obviously prepared for every outcome and at my age I know there is an increased risk.Would love go hear any experiences.

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Lolipoplady · 14/10/2019 09:55

I'm not pregnant with twins but I also had a high HCG level, 3.03 mom. Everything else was fine.

I had already had the NIPT results back, less than 1 in 10,000 chance of abnormalities, and the doctor seemed confident that the high HCG was just 'normal for me'. I did suffer terribly with morning sickness in this and previous pregnancy.

Obviously everyone is different but if everything else looks good, raised HCG on its own doesn't necessarily mean anything. Personally, I was glad I had the NIPT test done though just for the extra reassurance.

Good luck!

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