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Cysts on both kidneys at 20 week scan

jenface · 31/08/2019 03:53

We had our twenty week scan today and everything came back completely fine, normal amniotic fluid included, except that the sonographer suspected that she could see multiple cysts on both kidneys. Her view was obstructed because baby was wriggling so much and she referred us to a consultant for a second scan and a second opinion.

At the hospital we asked what the consequence of cysts would be and she said minimal, we asked if it was life threatening and the answer was no. Of course we went to Google when we got home and have found out a lot more about polycystic kidneys, the risk of the kidneys not developing or functioning and the risk to the life of the baby.

Has anyone had something similar at a twenty week scan and it turned out to be ok? Is there a chance the cysts will disappear on their own?

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