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Antenatal/postnatal depression

does this sound like PND?

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justhadenoughx · 26/10/2022 01:14

hey guys

the first two weeks after i gave birth i had the ‘baby blues’ then the third week i started to feel slightly better. from the 4th week onwards it all came back again. i am now 13 weeks postpartum so it’s been a while.

some days are better than others but overall i just know it’s not normal. i don’t know if it’s postnatal depression or if this is just what other new mums feel like?

i feel very teary and emotional. i’m breastfeeding so tend to go to my own room but i don’t dislike it. id rather stay in my room with just myself and my baby. id rather be alone that interact with people including family which are in laws im currently living with. i even don’t wana go out to see friends or do anything. i would like to sit alone with just me and my daughter. when people come over to the house i don’t have any interest in sitting with them no matter how much people want me to, i just don’t have it in me anymore. but when i do this people think i’m being lazy or rude but really it’s because i don’t have it in me anymore and i just can’t be bothered. i’ve lost interest in everything. some days i won’t even eat and i’ll just sit there but it’s like i can’t help it no matter how hard i try. it’s really hard to explain 😩 i never thought i’d feel this way as i have my whole world infront of me so how can i have this feeling of sadness? i’m just tired all the time no matter how much i rest, and it’s not because of my baby because she’s really good sleeping and feeding wise but even then im just exhausted.

i also don’t want anyone to hold my daughter as she gets passed around. i carried her for 9 months and then went through labour which was very hard for me as things didn’t go as planned and then for her to be ‘taken away’ from me for hours in the day just to be held by other people scares the life out of me. whenever someone is holding her i just wana cry until i have her back. i know this isn’t normal and i’m trying to work on this but i don’t know why i feel this way.

what does all this sound like to you? any form of depression or is this normal? X

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justloveandlightx · 26/10/2022 01:45

First off, congratulations on your new baby and becoming a mummy, it's a wild ride isn't it!
Secondly, I just want to send you a massive hug. It's the hardest thing in the world and biggest adjustment you'll ever make!

Honestly I think if you need to question it, then it sounds like maybe more than baby blues. I was in the exact same boat with the exact same feelings as you, wondering if I had PND or baby blues! I couldn't understand why I felt so unhappy when I just had this beautiful baby!

In all honesty it turned out I had/have PND, I would advise having a chat with your GP if you feel you need to, reach out to friends and family, and just look after yourself as much as you can.
Don't feel pressured to pass your baby to anyone, you put you and baby first no matter what!

I've been there OP, you'll get through this. And you're doing a great job Flowers

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