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Antenatal/postnatal depression

Struggling at home. Advice?

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causticthings · 11/04/2019 23:33

Hello all,

I'm currently an inpatient on a Mother and Baby unit as I'm experiencing severe postpartum depression and anxiety.

I'm having a period of two nights leave at home. Last night went really well. However, tonight I'm finding it increasingly difficult and I'm finding a number of triggers to my anxiety are still present.

I'm getting irritable at my partner with little things, such as not washing up the little ones bottles after use; leaving clothes on the floor and just generally being untidy, amongst other things. Also, I'm finding myself continuously checking on my baby to ensure that she's breathing and struggling to sleep (both of which were factors to my admission in the first place).

Has anyone been in this situation and is able to offer advice / tips? I don't want to return to the ward as I'm so wishing to remain at home - I just want to feel some sense of normality!

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