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Antenatal/postnatal depression

Possible PNSD. Angry, sad, relationship failing

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user1463654951 · 17/03/2017 07:01

Hi mammas,

I'm having some trouble at home.

I have a beautiful 11 week old daughter who is precious. I have moved from London to Margate, a much quieter sea side town, just getting into motherhood and out of London pace and stress. Meeting new mamma's here too.

The problem is, I have a history of depression and I am starting to wake up with s sinking feeling. Its a sign for me that I might be getting sick again.

My relationship is in bits. We sleep in separate rooms because he snores and is too lazy to go to doc. He doesn't help with baby much at all, spends his days off sleeping then at the pub. His drinking is turning him nasty, verbally.

I hate him. I hate him so much it makes me more angry than I Have ever been. My hormones during pregnancy made me hate him then too and we fought all the time. I have never been as angry in my life as I was when pregnant. Its very out of character.

I own my house and want him to leave but he won't. I'm sure this is still hormones but now leading to feelings of depression, the two are driving me crazy.

so I went to doctor yesterday and she offered counselling and antidepressants, sertraline 50mg SD I was on them a few years ago. I'm hesitant while breastfeeding but I am scared to get depressed.

Does anyone else have anger, warranted or perhaps hormonal toward their other half? I can't stand looking at him.

The birth process was extremely traumatic for me also so I have zero interest in sex. Zero. I just don't Want to be touched, looked at or spoken to by this lazy lazyyyyyy man. I could give examples; doesn't flush toilet, ever. Never does dishes, doesn't cook for anyone but himself, works part time as only person in house working and complains he is tired and to let him sleep at any moment, doesn't contribute to food or bills. Has only paid half our agreed amount toward the house for three months. Droves my cat and leaves it where it runs out of gas for me to fill up, which I only do because I need the cat and paid for it.

I never noticed all this until now days. I feel I've made a massive mistake with him. the only good thin it daughter, but I hope she doesn't turn out like Him. He often threatens to take her and calls me a bad mum because I get upset.

Hmmm.. I have a lot more to say than I realized ....

Can anyone relate? Xxx

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user1463654951 · 17/03/2017 07:04

That was drive my car, not cat!

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