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Antenatal/postnatal depression

Prevouis PND OCD, 30 Weeks Pregnant and its all comingback :( i just need some to say they have been there.

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Sweetpea86 · 15/03/2017 18:29


I had my little boy nealry 3 years ago, ive always been a worrier but when i had my little boy i had awful intrusive thoughts of people harming him or something bad happening. it got so bad i was scared to leave house ended u gaining loads of weight and the visous circle went on.

I didnt feel like i could go to counsilling but my doctor and hv where super helpful. i was prescribed with serteraline and it did make things better.

When i went back to work i felt better for having a routine and i came sensibly off the medication.

ill be honest the worry and anxitiy has never fully went away but managable.

im now 30 weeks pregnant and cant enjoy any thing. im worried my husband and son will die. as soon as i think it i feel guily and frightened. im a shy person who tends to deal with things on my own and im finding it hard to speak to my midwife. im worried they will take my son off me.

im not sure if any body heard in the news recently but near were i live in Redcar (north East england) it was all over the news that a women was taken by two men off the sea front in the midle of the day, dragged in to a car with her toddler. then taking some were and raped. To cut a long story short this story made national news and crime watch. and its now come to light that this didnt happen.
When my husband told me about it i went off and cried for this poor lady uttlery sickened and scared that this could happen on my door step. even though its not what happened its triggered something and made me serousily anxious and i spend all day with intrusive thoughts of my son or husband dying.

its mentally draining and i keep snapping at my little boy and husband then feel so guilty.

my 2nd child is due soon and i feel i have no excitment just desprate not to be pregnant im scared its going to get as bad as it was before.

i had problems with cleaning, 4 am i'd bewashing pots in the worry if i didnt my family would die.

sorry for the long winded post.

is there any one who has dealt with this and did it ever go away :( :( :(

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