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Antenatal/postnatal depression

Anus/ bum muscle feels low/unclenched (6wks pp)

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Melaniaspilatesinstructor · 09/02/2017 23:07

I constantly feel like I need to do a pelvic floor clench to make my back passage feel in any way like how it did before birth.
I had a normal vahinal birth but felt that they made me push really hard before I was ready.
Second degree years and stitches which have now healed but this heavy feeling is super uncomfortable and really worrying me- will it sort itself out? Has anyone else has this?
Reassurance appreciated.

Dr said all looks normal no visible prolapse but i can't bear the thought this feeling being there for ever.


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SnazzyLapels · 23/02/2017 07:51

Hi Melania
Sorry to hear you're feeling so worried and uncomfortable. My understanding (and I'm not a medical healthcare professional) is that there is still some natural tightening up that happens beyond the 6 week mark and you may find it improves by itself. It can only be good news that there's no visible signs of prolapse. If you're still worried after a while I would go to the doctor again. I guess you can always ask for a referral, or a second opinion, if you feel you're not being taken seriously or you want a more in depth investigation.
I notice that you've posted this on the antenatal/postnatal depression board. If the discomfort doesn't get better and you are still very worried about it, you might find that if you explain to the doctor that the symptom is causing you a lot of stress and worry, you might be taken more seriously, but I guess it depends on the doctor.
Congrats on your new baby and best of luck.

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