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Antenatal/postnatal depression

Feeling extremely low

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zannary · 25/09/2014 08:43

I'm nearly 12 weeks pregnant and from the day I found out I feel like my world ended.

The pregnancy was planned although I had only been with my partner for 7 months. I fell pregnant straight away which came as a shock. I first had a negative result which was a relief but turned out to be incorrect.

I have tried everything to try to snap myself out of this feeling but I can't. I cry all the time and wish it would just go away. I've been to the doctor who told me to consider a termination (to my partners horror) and offered me Prozac which I declined.

My partner is trying to help although I feel like his "trying" is not good enough. I don't want to be around him and I'm constantly giving him a hard time and putting him down.

I hate saying that I'm pregnant, I hate people talking about it, I don't want to buy or look at any baby things. If i could wake up and it all have been a dream I would.

I need help as I'm worried I'll make a decision I'll regret. No one seems to understand what I'm going through. Everyone tells me to snap out of it and that it's a happy time I should be excited but every time someone says that I want to scream. I feel so alone.

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panpipesmakemeangry · 25/09/2014 09:51

Zannary, perhaps it's the background to this pregnancy rather than the preg itself that is causing the problem? How old are you? Had you only started to think of motherhood since you met your partner seven months ago, or was it a dream for a long time before that? Are you unsure about the relationship? Have you a support network of friends / family around?

I think if you can separate your anxieties and misgivings about the baby and pregnancy from all the other areas of your life, it might help you understand it a bit. What I mean to say is, if things were different (friends / partner / work / housing / whatever/ family) do you think you would still feel so ambiguous? In a way it's a philosophical question as you are rooted in your own situation, I know.

I think I understand what you're going through. PM me if you want. I'm sorry you're feeling so bad. Keep reading the threads on antenatal depression - they may help you. xxx

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