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Antenatal/postnatal depression

antenatal depression, can anyone advise?

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apprenticemamma · 01/10/2013 19:53

Think I've got antenatal depression, 18 weeks pg. Advice & handholding would be appreciated.

I work ironically in mental health have a v demanding role and feeling overwhelmed with work stress. I've had some difficult family dynamics crop up before I got pg. One sibling is pretty toxic and I don't speak to her nor do my parents. My other sister I was close to has betrayed my family hugely, financially in that she put our family flat (in her name as she was oldest, bought when a student, intended as an investment for our future) on the market without telling us. The implication appears to be that she intends to give us if anything a small cut. The hurt betrayal and anger I have felt has been enormous. I have attempted to address it but received an abusive text and she has cut me out of her life along with mum. I continue to feel hurt and betrayal. The sisters found out I was pg but it's not their business. I keep thinking why are we having dc 2 if this is my sibling experience?

At home things have been tense since got pg. Planned but from the minute I got bfp had second thoughts. Occasionally dh says 'You wanted this. .but you're not coping". I'm taking it out on him and all probs within relationship have been magnified . We r in counselling and it's tough. I feel guilty at getting so angry towards him. and there is only so much misery he can take Sad .

Work been v v stressful and I'm personalizing a lot of stuff. I presented a case discussion today and colleagues were objectively pretty critical. It left me feeling incompetent and humiliated more than ever

I feel incompetent as a mother , wife, sister daughter and friend too. ds aged 2.6 feel neglecting his emotional needs he's picking up on my emotional vibes.

I feel v ambivalent towards baby. Trying to feign excitement. Nothing inside. Tears constantly.

I'm thinking of getting signed off for a few days putting ds in nursery, sleeping and looking after myself. Should I?

And...homeopathy vs antidepressants?

If anyone takes the trouble to read, thank you.

OP posts:

valiumredhead · 11/10/2013 17:58

That all sounds positiveSmile off load here any tube you need to, enjoy your weekend awayThanks


ScottishDiblet · 11/10/2013 19:07

Oh I am so glad you are feeling better! Wow, a romantic weekend away will be amazing, good for you. Have a fantastic time and good luck at the scan and stay in touch. X

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