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Antenatal/postnatal depression

citalopram 20mg to fluoxetane 20mg???

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emmak86 · 20/12/2011 18:59

I have recently changed my anti d's to fluoxetane...or should i say the doctor has after much discussion.

I just wondered what the overall opinion was on fluoxetane as i was told it was prozac and i always assumed that it makes you quite out of it?

any feedback u have would be great


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RhondaGotStuckInTheChimneyRoo · 20/12/2011 23:34


I've been on Fluoxetine since March this year. Originally on 20mg but I got quite bad and ended up on 40mg.

I am just being weaned from 40mg back to 20mg as I am feeling a lot better.

To start with, on the 20mg I had quite bad side-effects - sickness/tiredness/heartburn/fidgeting/spaced out. As my GP said though, how can we judge what was the medication and what was the symptom of my depression - he agreed however that initially it could have heightened my symptoms.

Once I got past the first 6 weeks things did settle down but something else happened and that's when I went up to 40mg. I didn't notice a massive change there - no big side-effects other than night sweats.

I asked for the dose to be lowered as I was feeling nauseous all the time, at first thought I was pg but ruled that out and could only think that as I was feeling better (so med's doing their job) I was on too high a dose. GP agreed to lower the dose but was unsure whether it was the med's making me feel nauseous.

Sorry for rambilng - hope this helps?

ps - never been on any other anti-d's so can't compare

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