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To ask for some extras when taking back my DD's faulty birthday prezzy?

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Bumperlicious · 22/06/2008 21:17

My mum got DD this for her birthday on Friday, it's fab, but there is a little stand for her feet as she is not old enough to reach the peddles that has jammed and when DH and my Uncle tried to get it down something snapped and they are still jammed so we are taking it back.

It's a real PITA because DH and I are going to have to go when I finish work tomorrow and the nearest Toys R Us is in the next city, a real trek. Anyway, do you think I would BU to ask for some added extras for our troubles when I take it back? It's a real faff for us, plus DD hasn't been able to use it on her birthday weekend. Plus my uncle spent an hour putting it together, now my DH is going to have to spend another hour putting it together. I was thinking they could throw in a horn or a bell or something. Anyone else done the same sort of thing? How could I word it?

OP posts:
Twelvelegs · 22/06/2008 21:18

Not unreasonable but you're lucky if the staff can string two words together let alone give good customer service. Good luck!!

Rachmumoftwo · 22/06/2008 21:23

You could ring them and ask them to deliver a new one and collect the old one to save you a journey. Worth a try, as they do home delivery.

Bumperlicious · 22/06/2008 21:33

Good point, but I think I'd rather get one asap and chance my luck at getting a bell or some tassels thrown in

God I am a freeloading hoar! (See my thread on wanting my neighbour's economist )

OP posts:
bozza · 22/06/2008 21:35

I would be seriously surprised if toys r us would do that. Not saying not worth a try but they are not known for their great customer service.

ladymariner · 22/06/2008 21:36

yanbu. I would take it back in person and definately ask for extras, really lay it ona bout the trek in and the time it took putting it together, and don't bother with the sales assistants, ask to speak to the manager straightaway.
good luck

Bumperlicious · 22/06/2008 21:37

And my poor daughter's disappointment on her birthday

OP posts:
ladymariner · 22/06/2008 21:39

Oh god yes, your poor dd who has been distraught since her birthday present was damaged, her day was quite ruined

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