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to take back four items to Mamas & Papas because they've all broken....

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Twelvelegs · 22/06/2008 15:20

I am only 20 and have been wearing maternity clothes for about 10 weeks, 4th baby and showed early as I was quite slim and all tight fitting (ish) clothes. Two of the wraps (woollenish) have holes in and two pairs of trousers have worn through in between the thigh. One pair are slimish fitting and one not so it can't bemy thighs!! The clothes are really nice but I am disappointed, do I look like I can't take care of clothes if I return them all or are their clothes crap??????????
Especially interested in anyone who has purchased maternity clothes from them or anyone in retail...

OP posts:
Sidge · 22/06/2008 15:22

I don't know about their clothes, but the independent baby shop where I bought my pram won't stock their prams as they say they are rubbish and not good enough quality.

I would return them all and say they aren't fit for purpose, I would certainly expect any clothes to last longer than 10 weeks.

tassisssss · 22/06/2008 15:36

I'm surprised at your pram shop saying that sidge. My M&P pram is over 5 years old, has been used almost daily for that time and I was just commenting to dh the other dya on how fab (IMO!) it's still looking!

12legs, I'd say def worth taking them back and complaining.

blueskythinker · 22/06/2008 15:57

4th child and you are 20! Gosh, that's good going!

I would return the clothes. Have you followed the washing instructions?

louloulouise · 22/06/2008 16:59

Think she means 20 weeks. Yes take them back, def not fit for purpose and use that phrase.

pleasechange · 22/06/2008 17:11

twelvelegs - I've had a similar prob with a M&P top I bought. Stitching has come undone in various places. I think it should be better quality - haven't worn it that much either

NorthernLurker · 22/06/2008 17:20

take them back and tell them that you're only 20 weeks - maternity clothes should last for as long as you fit them! It's hardly as if you are hiking miles in them I assume?
Re the prams - I don't think they are very good qulaity now and I think the key for the poster whose pram has lasted 5 years is just that - it's 5 years old and was built to a better quality than that I see on the brand new ones.

Twelvelegs · 22/06/2008 19:48

No, I'm only 20 weeks!!!!
My first pram, 6 years ago, was fabulous and only broke three years on when I allowed both my three and two year old to squeeze in it!! The ones in the shop are a little rubbish as is the furniture I bought from them, although we have moved house and I don't think the furniture could cope.

OP posts:
dreamymum · 22/06/2008 19:59

i will never purchase a thing from M+P again, not including the horrible and untruthful service received at their Regent street store, I was not ovrely satisfied with any of their products and if something breaks/ruins whatever, you are lost, they will not answer or help, nor do they have any parts.

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