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To send DH back to Tesco

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Shoshe · 22/06/2008 12:18

I gave DH a list, and off he went to Tesco, on the list was Eggs.

I usually buy eggs from the local Pre school, who get them from the local farm free range.

I buy all our meat from the butchers, all chickens are free range.

DH knows this.


I want him to go back and change them.

OP posts:
Nappyzoneneedsanewname · 22/06/2008 12:20

YANBU - i would feel the same but i know my DH would not go back as he is stuborn. Perhaps he was trying to save some money (thats what my dh would say) - i would just refuse to use them....

nametaken · 22/06/2008 12:22

chuck em straight in the bin. Every time my dh does the shopping an extra black bag full of food he's brought that no-one likes goes out.

Shoshe · 22/06/2008 12:23

That is exactly what he said Nappyzone! I dont care how much they cost I am not using them, I dont get on my high horse about many things and I am def NOT a animal lover, ( I wont say what I told a frind who put animals first) but I just cant have caged birds or eggs.

OP posts:
littleducks · 22/06/2008 12:24

why did he buy them? cheaper/others run out? to lazy to read labels?

Dh used to do that, now he knows the RULES and only buys free range, also managed to convert mil. But the both still wince at the price after years of value eggs.

Good on my mum she drilled it into me very young, so when i popped out to buy eggs for her i never got the wrong ones

how far is it to your tesco? that is the deciding factor in yabu?

littleducks · 22/06/2008 12:25

ah x posts, then from now on if eggs are on the shopping list put FREE RANGE in front of the word

Shoshe · 22/06/2008 12:25

3 miles, and he has gone

OP posts:
BandofMothers · 22/06/2008 12:28

Oh you meany, making him go with his broken ribs and everything

BandofMothers · 22/06/2008 12:28


Shoshe · 22/06/2008 12:29

I know, but would you eat them, honest!!!

He better be quick tho cos he is cooking dinner

OP posts:
Nappyzoneneedsanewname · 22/06/2008 12:30

Me too - its the one thing i do get about! I am thinking of getting some chickens of my own. My dad has some rescued battery hens - they didnt even know what their feet were for when he first bought them home .

Shoshe · 22/06/2008 12:31

No I didnt go in the end, I changed the beds and washed the kitchen floor, did unload the car for him tho and put the shopping away.

OP posts:
BandofMothers · 22/06/2008 12:32

Is it me, or do eggs just not taste the same as they used to. They seem to have no taste these days.

BandofMothers · 22/06/2008 12:33

Hmm, as long as it wasn't an excuse to get rid of me

Shoshe · 22/06/2008 12:33

God I dont like this, the cleaner being ill thing, I have actually had to do some housework

OP posts:
BandofMothers · 22/06/2008 12:34

omg, hope it isn't a lasting illness.

Shoshe · 22/06/2008 12:35

Get rid of you, fat chance of that!

No he decided he could do it alone broken ribs and all, cos he couldnt help with the beds so I stayed and did those.

OP posts:
BandofMothers · 22/06/2008 12:39

HARHARDEHAR, did he go without complaint???

Shoshe · 22/06/2008 13:00

Just raised his eyebrows and went

Came back with beer tho, so guess he forgot it the first time, so was going back anyway, thought he went without much persuasion.

OP posts:
BandofMothers · 22/06/2008 13:04

You should have known there was another reason.

Love2bake · 22/06/2008 13:16

Good for you. Buying Free Range things are really important to my family and I would never buy those cheap eggs.

pofaced · 22/06/2008 13:24

We used Tesco value eggs at Easter for egg jarping (basically conkers with hard boiled eggs). You have no idea how foul they smelt when the shells cracked. YANBU!

sheepgomeep · 22/06/2008 13:49

i cant afford more than cheapo eggs.

Leek · 22/06/2008 14:05

Nametaken - would you really throw away that much food?

Love2bake · 22/06/2008 14:07

Throwing the eggs away would be worse IMO.

The chickens would has suffered for nothing then!

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