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to want to celebrate anniversary

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Barnical · 21/06/2008 17:35

Today is my/ our anniversary
Dh said yesterday.. " oh were not celebration tomorrow are we" this was more statement than question.
I had already got the card written and presents sorted. again this year.. he obviously hasn't again this year.. and so thought he'd just tell me we weren't doing it!
So I have put the pressy away.. and have left the card on the table for him.

I just wanted to go for a meal, but nope he'll be having a poker night on the comp for himself when he gets in.
AIBU to be a tad fed up?

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Love2bake · 21/06/2008 17:38


We have the same sort of thing in our house. DH says about a week before 'we wont bother with presents this year as we have no money' blah blah blah...

Barnical · 21/06/2008 17:40

I wouldn't mind so much but he'll alway accept the presents I offer. I am not offering this years, it will go to someone who deserves it.
A bloody bunch of garage flowers would do.!
sorry for you too

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mumeeee · 21/06/2008 17:44

YANBU. We only give small gifts unlessbut we always celbrate in someway even if it it is just siting down together and having a take away.

fullmoonfiend · 21/06/2008 17:45

how many years?

We have 13 years anniversary on tues and it tt=is the first time we have not been on holiday for it. And we are both working. And skint. But we will at least cook a nice meal and token pressies.

Barnical · 21/06/2008 17:48

Six married 9 together.

yup a take out, a token pressy just a card or a note left.. rather than " we're not doing it this year" grrr

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fullmoonfiend · 21/06/2008 17:49

oh bit soon to give up on marking the occasion! Tell him to pull his finger out and lavish you with attention - making a fuss of each other doesn't cost much....

Barnical · 21/06/2008 17:53

LOL I have only ever had one card from him!!
think he gave up the day after we got married!

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2point4kids · 21/06/2008 18:21

Tell him that you are celebrating it even if he is not, so if he really doesnt want to do anything then you will go and celebrate with your friends instead (and make sure you do!)

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